Welcome to Cambridge Artworks. We are an artists’ co-operative offering affordable studios and gallery space in central Cambridge.

Studio Available

A studio here will become available at the end of April for a Visual Artist. The studio is situated on the ground floor studio and is particularly suitable for sound/film practice. The monthly cost of the studio is currently £120.00

For further information and to apply please email: mail@cambridgeartworks.co.uk


Deadline For Applications: Midnight Monday 26th March 2018

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The Caravanserai Residency Programme presents a unique opportunity for visual artists to work from the caravan based in the grounds of Cambridge Artworks studio complex, in central Cambridge.

WHO: Individual, emerging and established visual artists are invited to apply to participate.

WHEN: The selected artists will be part of a running programme of 2-4 week residencies taking place at Cambridge Artworks between May and September 2018. The timings have been designed for the greatest flexibility and to ensure accessibility.

FEE: None

DETAILS: The Caravanserai Residency Programme provides time and space for artists to focus exclusively on their own practice with an emphasis on research, experimentation and the development of new work, within the context of a vibrant artist community. Please note that living accommodation and expenses throughout the residency are not provided. Interviews for the residencies will be held on 19th and 20th April.

Applications                                                                                   Caravanserai FAQs

Art of Ottoman Floral Illumination – Two-day art workshop      Led by Sharmina Haq

 Friday 9th – Saturday 10th March (10.00am – 4.30pm)

Ottoman Illumination 2018 Cambridge image1To welcome Spring blossoms, sign up to this unique two-day practical painting workshop where participants will explore the designs of exquisite silk fabrics from the Ottoman Empire. Characterised by large-scale stylised floral patterns including carnations, tulips, roses, hyacinth and cherry blossoms and highlighted by shimmering gold and silver threads which are now emblematic of the classical Ottoman style.

Participants will;

  • Study different stylised flowers and motifs and their symbolism
  • Draw floral and çintemani motifs inspired from luxurious Ottoman textiles
  • Study the underlying geometry within a classical composition
  • Design and transfer a composition onto watercolour paper
  • Outline, paint and illuminate in 23ct gold their own artwork to take home

During the workshop the tutor will demonstrate traditional methods involved in Islamic manuscript illumination, including making pure 23ct gold paint.

Suitable for beginners or intermediate level. Cost £120 inclusive of all materials. 50% deposit payable, cancellation fees apply.

Email sharminahaq@hotmail.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sharmina.haq/

Mobile 0781 7071217 

Tutor ProfileSharmina Haq is an experienced visual artist and educator specialising in geometric and arabesque art from the Islamic world. Her art is inspired by the harmonic geometry all around in nature and from her travels around the world, in particular across Morocco, Turkey, India and the Middle East. She has led workshops in Islamic Art with Ardington School of Arts, Henley Arts Guild and in London and north of England.

Watch Cambridge Artworks Artists Judy Logan and Rachel Wooller participate in this excellent TV documentary offering practical and helpful information to aspiring local artists:

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